Where to find NFL player data for 2010 by game?
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In a (probably futile) effort to dominate my fantasy football league, I am looking for data.

I would like to get 2010 NFL player data for the top 200-ish offensive players for the major offensive categories (passes, attempts, yards completed, TDs, rushes, etc.) broken down by player and by game. Data aggregated to the season is common, but I'd like data for every player by game.

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Here's a set from 2008, with every play ($30.00). But I didn't pay for the data, so I can't see if it's as granular as you want/need. From the description, it's organized by game, not by player, so you'd have to do some kind of scripting / data-crunching to get your players to bubble to the top.

But still, awesome work "Football Outsiders Game Charting Project" !!
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Most sports websites, including ESPN.com, NFL.com and Yahoo! sports do keep game-by-game stats for players under the header of "game log." (E.g. Philip Rivers' game log at yahoo.)

Is that what you're looking for?

You should also definitely check out FootballOutsiders.com, in particular their KUBIAK projections. The Outsiders are some of the few folks out there really trying to bring saber-style discipline to football stat keeping, and IMO, their annual Football Outsiders Almanac is the one piece of required reading for every football season. They have a lot of interesting statistical analysis on their site for free, but the real data-heavy content you might be looking for is sold at their product page. Their game-charting data includes a lot of stats you won't find in official box scores, and the KUBIAK projections -- which come as a spreadsheet you can adjust/tweak to your own specifications -- are a godsend for fantasy players.

I swear I don't work for them.
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You didn't hear this from me, but my favorite football stats site is pro-football reference.com. It satisfies all my OCD stat needs.
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