Is this the flu? Is it too late for help?
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I had a headache for 10 days and now I have chills and nausea. I've never had anything quite like this before, but the closest was influenza. Given that prescription antivirals are supposed to be effective only within the first 12-24 hours of symptoms (and I'm now 240 hours past the first symptoms), would it be worth the misery of going to urgent care for this? I don't feel extreme tiredness or muscle pain as I have with past flus, but perhaps that wonder will be saved for tomorrow.
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Headache for 10 days and new symptoms? I'd go to the emergency room.
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Persistent headache can be a sign of some scary-ass shit. You didn't mention a fever - is it high? Normal? Low-grade and annoying?
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I would absolutely go to the urgent care for this. Yes.
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Do you have insurance and a primary care physician? If so call now to see what to do next. If you don't, I agree that a headache that's gone on that long is probably a good reason to head to urgent care.
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10 days is a long time for a non-serious virus to hang out. Yes, go see someone.
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Absolutely. Less-trivial things tend to at least back off after 5-7 days in my (completely subjective, non-medical) opinion. Your symptoms are getting worse. Urgent care or ER.
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I would absolutely go to urgent care for this. You do not mess around with persistent headaches, and if your symptoms are worsening you should see somebody. Even if does turn out to be nothing, the comfort of that knowledge is worth the hassle of urgent care.
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Seconding urgent care. But not an ER if you can at all avoid it.
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Yeah, I wouldn't assume this is the flu or a virus of any sort, really. You need to see a doctor.
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Anecdata: I had headache, fever, chills, etc for a couple days and thought it was the flu. At about day 4 I went to the doctor. She told me I had a bacterial infection and prescribed me antibiotics.

Long story short. Go to the doctor.
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Turns out it was a migraine PLUS some viral thing. Everyone gets a correct answer, except me, I am going to bed.
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