Craft stores in NYC?
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Where can I find affordable cardstock in NYC? Are places like Papyrus/Kate's Paperie my best bets, or are they overpriced? And for the bigger picture, are there large craft stores in New York City where I can buy my DIY wedding supplies in one stop?

So, I need heavy cardstock to make these things. I also need mini pinecones, branches to make this chandelier (see last week's question), green florist tape, different kinds of adhesives, and other things that my native Midwestern brain knows are available at places like Michael's, but my New York-living current self cannot access. Are there local equivalents that I'm not considering?
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I forgot to add that the cardstock needs to be gold colored, so going to Staples and getting plain white is not an option.
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Oh, how embarrassing, there is a Michael's in NYC. And to think, I could have used this question on good cupcake recipes or some music recommendations >:(
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There are also a few AC Moore's in NYC (Queens for one) that may have what you are looking for too.
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The Pearl Canal Street in New York City has a nice collection of papers that are affordable. The owner has a whole section of scraps that is a treasure trove for creatives.
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Pearl Paint surely has tons of interesting papery things.
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Great! I'm heading to Pearl Paint now.

It looks like Michael's is really far north, and that NYC has a couple craft stores more centrally located. Any opinions on M&J Trimmings? Or should I bite the bullet and uptown to Michael's?
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idk, there are so many downtown and in midtown, it seems silly to sacrifice all the potential variety unless you are dead sure that Michael's has everything you want. (beads of paradise, utrecht, ai friedman's, pearl, &c.)
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Kate's no longer has much in the way of card stock.

I don't think M&J has much in the way of paper. I think it mostly has things like ribbon and tassels. More of a "notions" type place than crafts. (I was dragged in there by my wife, so I might be totally of base about this).
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Pearl has a couple of satellite stores that sell more "crafty" things, as opposed to "arty" things. They're all within one or two blocks of each other.
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Paper Presentation (18th bt 5th & 6th) has a ton of card stock.
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Jam Paper has pretty good prices on paper products, especially if you're flexible about the exact color you're getting.
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