How to get the same page to display consistently on different websites?
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I've built two HTML validated pages with the same content, but they're hosted in different places and are displaying differently in different browsers. Help?

I'm building a site for a friend, and essentially copying it to another domain he owns. Everything works FINE except one page. looks just fine on the main site, but the same page on the secondary site, doesn't display the content in FF, Safari or on my Android phone. Looks fine in IE. Both pages validate. I can't see any glaring differences in the code. However, the sites are with two different hosts. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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On the page that shows the content, many of the HTML elements have an id value


These id attributes are missing from that page where the content doesn't show. I'd start with fixing that. Downloading a diff tool of some kind is invaluable with this sort of task.
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The missing-content page also has missing z-index declarations, and other things. Use diff, as suggested.
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Data point rather than solution: I use NoScript. The text on the second site disappeared for me on Firefox (5.0, running on XP) only after I enabled scripts on the site.

However, the menu was missing half its options even before I did that, so that doesn't explain everything (even insofar as that explains anything at all!).
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Best answer: Firebug tells me: "NetworkError: 404 Not Found -"
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Response by poster: @alan and Jairus, I forgot to mention that I pulled the id values and z-index declarations out of the missing-content page while trying to fix the problem. The content didn't display with or without those elements. (Now that MLC has found the problem, should I put the ids and z-indexes back in? Do I need 'em?)

@ManyLeggedCreature, winner winner chicken dinner! Thank you. The dangers of forgetting a single file in the drag/drop...

Many thanks to all three of you for the assist!
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