Gmail interface with Exchange data
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How can I get the G-mail look and feel through an exchange server?

this question pops up periodically, and I have not been able to find any recent information about being able to do this. I have a small office that uses an exchange server. We are not in a position to ditch exchange, but I am willing to jump through some hoops to get the Gmail-like threading interface with the exchange server.

I am NOT interested in making changes to Outlook to get the generic feel. Even when following every tip online, it isn't even in the same ballpark. Further, I would like to avoid forwarding my mail to any Google server. It is important that we keep our own data.

I am interested in purchasing some sort of Google Apps device or similar solution that will work with the Exchange system and give me an authentic gmail interface. For example, would it be possible to forward the exchange server ( to the Google Apps device ( for a seamless dual-device environment?

In the alternative, I am happy to jump ship to some email view other than Outlook, if it is similar enough to Gmail's interface.
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Thunderbird 5 combined with Thunderbird Conversations makes for a remarkably similar look and feel to GMail. Make sure you have IMAP turned on on your Exchange server so Thunderbird will be able to connect to it.
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Is Imap as fast as Exchange?
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I guess you're wondering if Thunderbird will get emails the instant they come through via IMAP? This is known as IMAP IDLE. Since Thunderbird and Exchange Server both support it you should be good.
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There are some alternatives.
I just use imap to import work email into personal gmail. I can also answer directly from gmail.
In Gmail Labs there is also a "plugin" that sets a refresh button in the inbox screen to manually update.
I also suggest you take a look at google apps maybe you can use it for free.
If you still want to use outlook you can use that allows conversations grouping by subject.
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Outlook 2010 has threaded conversations.
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