What ever happened to deprogrammer Ted Patrick?
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I've finished reading "Let Our Children Go" by Ted Patrick and "Snapping" by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman amongst others. I read the Wikipedia page on Patrick. My question: Where is he now? Or in the last 20 years? I would have thought magazine or television bit would have done a follow-up on him or at least mentioned him.
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Best answer: Cults aren't big news any more, and COG isn't as active in the US as it was. More on Patrick here.
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Best answer: In a San Diego Union-Tribune story dated October 30, 2004, he was living in Paradise Valley (San Diego). The story is about a local election and Ted Patrick is briefly interviewed regarding a candidate endorsement. He's described as "a longtime political activist who gained notoriety in the 1980s as a cult deprogrammer." Can't link to the article directly because it's behind various paywalls. Here's the SD U-T archive search.
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Response by poster: @seabound_coast - thanks...I can't seem to get around it but will find some way to get the article. I had forgotten my own access to some newspaper databases as well.
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