Trumpet solo for funeral?
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What would be a good piece for a classical trumpet player to play at his great-grandmother's funeral?
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Is there any particular tune that the guest of honor liked to sing or hum, while she was alive? That'll make a huge emotional impact, at a service
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l'Amour or la Grace from the 12 heroic marches by Telemann.
They're both a little short, but they're like a 440m dash of emotion in music.
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Did she have a particular hymn that was meaningful to her? Or was she in the service during WWII?
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The 'Pie Jesu' from Fauré's Requiem makes for a beautiful and moving trumpet solo (accompanied or not) appropriate for this sort of occasion. (I would provide a link to a performance, but a quick search -- which is all that I have time for -- unfortunately yields nothing to do it justice.)
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Just A Closer Walk With Thee is pretty traditional in certain parts of the US.
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My main advice is "something easier than you'd normally play" -- I recently played (classical trumpet) at the funerals of two people who were close to me, and even after years of experience I was surprised at how hard it is to play when you're getting choked up, and how the music itself can push you further into being choked up while you're playing. It's a wind instrument, it's not fair, but it seems to be the deal.

As for particular songs, if you have accompaniment I'd vote for lieder -- Brahms's Wie Melodien zieht es mir, for example, is gorgeous, not terribly taxing, works with piano or organ, and is playable on trumpet right off the piano/vocal score.
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I am completely serious when I suggest that you should play "Taps". Played well, by someone who really understands the horn, it can be very moving. And traditionally it gets played at military funerals. Yours won't be one, but that doesn't mean you can't use it.

(In case you didn't know: play it with first and third keys down.)
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Came in to say Taps too. It's truly beautiful when played by someone who bothers to infuse it with feelings, and military traditions aside, prettymuch everyone in the US (this is a US funeral?) can relate to it and recognize the depth of goodbye it signifies.
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Depending on the secular/non-secular, sub-type religious background of the ceremony and the other hymns on the program, a heartfelt Amazing Grace or Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, like Taps, could be all the clarion call you need.
And yes, as range says, if you can imagine having any emotional response to the proceedings, keep it as technically simple as possible. There's no need to show off any musical or virtuosic acumen with this performance, the best song will be whatever you can do in a genuine and accomplished way... so probably something you already know. (The funeral can't be that far off!?)
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Depending on the ceremony: When the Saints Go Marching In. At the end. Especially if you play a more melancholy piece earlier in the service.
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Abide With Me?
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Seconding Range on "something easier than you'd usually play." I played Taps at my grandfather's funeral a few years ago and barely made it through. Taps is a nice song, too, especially for people who know the lyrics.
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How about the second movement of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto? It can be really beautiful in the right setting and I'd consider it quiet and reflective.
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