I need recommendations for doctors (primary care and specialists) in the Minneapolis area
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I need recommendations for doctors (primary care and specialists) in the Minneapolis area. Specifically, I need recs for a psychiatrist, a gynecologist, a dermatologist, and a primary care physician. Ideally all of them are non-judgey and weirdfolk-friendly, and for extra points they're all in-network for HealthPartners, which is my new insurance company starting Sep 1.

More detail:

I just moved to Minneapolis about six weeks ago, having never been here before in my life. And I am in need of recommendations for many things, but doctors are the relatively important one right now.

Anywhere in the tri-cities is fine, but west-ish or south-ish is best (I work in Bloomington and I live just west of downtown Minneapolis.) I care a LOT more about non-judgeyness and ability to listen than i do about location, though!

The psychiatrist is the most urgent one; i really need refills on some prescriptions ASAP.
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A location in the intro would probably have helped you garner more responses.

How about going down to the Mayo clinic? It's pretty well respected and it's a big connected system that could serve your need for numerous types of doctors.
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I've had good experiences with the Health Partners Health Center for Women. You should also check out OB/GYN services at the U of M. Feel free to meemail me for specific DR recommendations if you'd like!
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Double check with HP - there's a managed care law in MN that says you can self refer to any gynecologist. There's also a more patient friendly version of mental health parity in MN (more friendly than the federal version of a similar law) - may allow you to self-refer for mental health care as well. Again, double check with HP.

My wife loves Advanced Specialty Care for Women for OB/Gyn- Dr. Kenneth Crabb. His office is in St. Paul, across the street from United Hospital. He delivered both of our kids. The guy is top notch in my book too.
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Response by poster: thatguyjeff -- I can self-refer regardless; I'm not in an HMO. I can visit any doctor without a referral. I just need to know who to GO to.
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Best answer: For dermatology I've really liked the people at Uptown Dermatology and Skin Spa, despite the frou-frou sounding name. They have an MD, a PA, and an NP who see patients, but they all know their stuff. They also seem to have a lot shorter waiting list for an appointment (2 weeks tops) than other dermatologists I've tried to get in with. The only trouble is you have to be willing to walk a few blocks from the residential area or pay a couple bucks for parking, since they're right in uptown.

For GPs, I have been really happy with Todd Jorgenson at Allina Clinic Woodlake. The office in Richfield at 66th and Lyndale, so kind of halfway between your work and home. Dr. Jorgenson is a friendly guy who really (in my experience) takes the time to listen and figure out what's going on. I've even had him contact me to say that he discussed my issue with a specialist after my appointment and had a few more ideas for tests to run, which I thought was above and beyond the call of duty in a wonderful way.

Sorry I can't offer any advice for the others.
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