Where did I see that stubble?
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Comicfilter: I'm trying to remember a comic that came out around 2003. It was published as a book, had a one-word title (I think), and was drawn in a very loose, kind of messy style (maybe reminiscent of white ninja?). I believe it was autobiographical and was mostly about the author and episodes of his life with his (ex?)girlfriend. I think he wrote the comic as part of his getting-over-her period. What I remember most about how the author was drawn in the book was that he always had stubble. Not sure if this is a long-shot or if someone will get it in 2 seconds. Thanks!
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Best answer: Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown.
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Shakespeherian took my guess, so i'll say... Unlikely by Jeffrey Brown? That one's officially 2003.
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(Sample page)
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Blankets by Craig Thompson.
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Response by poster: I figured this was a 2-second answer. Thank you!
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