Save me from killing my cats. They're plotting against me.
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How can I attach my iMac to my desk? My cats are apparently stronger than they look.

I recently bought a 27" iMac. I naively thought there was no way my cats could knock it over. I was wrong. I came home from work to find it knocked backwards. Luckily my precious iMac is fine, but I don't want there to be a next time.

I have an old Ikea Jerker desk. I'm not opposed to putting some bolts through it if necessary -- I'd rather harm the desk than the iMac. That being said, I'd prefer something a little less permanent if possible, or would allow me to reposition the computer without drilling a new set of holes.

What would be the best way to do this? I'm completely un-handy, but I can recruit someone who is. Cheap is good. Easy is good. Super extra bonus points if you can come up with a MacGyver type solution using only common household item that will tide me over before I can get some assistance in...

In the meantime, I will be working on keeping my cats off the desk. But they have a tendency to do whatever the heck they want to when i'm not around, despite my best efforts.
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How about a couple of c-clamps and a (small) board to stretch across the pedestal part at the bottom? Clamp it towards the back end of the desk maybe?
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I like C-clamps.

There is also this.
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C-clamps could work. So could a heavy iron weight, or lead-filled weight, or mercury-filled weight. You could place these weights on the foot of the iMac.

The iMac is somewhat top-heavy. My bet is that your cats stood up on your desk and placed their front paws on the top of the iMac screen and managed to push it back.
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There are a number of devices that can be found under the term "earthquake straps", designed to affix large electronics (flat-panel televisions, for example) either to the wall or the furniture it sits on. I don't know if any of these devices are re-positionable in the way you're looking for, but if they work for earthquakes they at least have a chance against cats.

You can find them at electronics stores on the west coast, anywhere else you might have to order them.
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I have an i360 from this place and it's great. Fairly heavy, and the rotation nature helps with the cats. They push on it and it turns instead of falling. They get confused, and then bored and go away.

I have a 27" iMac, just as a note.
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McGyvr sand bag, ladies hand bag filled with 12Lbs clean sand (in zip locks) the right bag would also look very cool on the desk.
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Others have spoken to how to secure the monitor; my answer is about how to retrain the cats.

When you're there: Remove them the instant they jump up. Don't yell at them, just calmly deposit them on the floor. Give them attention by their feet, or designate a "cat landing area" where you give them attention.

When you're not: Lay aluminum foil on your desk, or double-sided sticky tape - cats hate the feeling of both on their paws and dislike the sound the foil makes.

My cats once made a door fall onto my LCD monitor.
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