Help me burn a DVD
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I downloaded this torrent. When I burned it to a dvd with Toast on a mac, the picture was fine, but I had no audio at all (which is sort of the whole point).

Neither the Apple DVD player application nor my DVD player (a Philips DVP 5990) can play the audio. But when I play the burned disc with VLC, it works fine.

What's going on? How do I burn a working disc with the surround sound channels intact?
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Best answer: The audio on that disc is DTS. Your DVD player doesn't decode DTS, and Apple's DVD player doesn't decode it either. However, both will pass the DTS signal through to a DTS-capable AV receiver connected with a digital SPDIF connection. VLC includes a DTS encoder, so that's why it works there. So nothing's wrong with the disc or how you burned it.
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Best answer: It appears your DVD player doesn't support DTS decoding but can pass it through the coaxial.

It looks like the Apple DVD player only supports DTS pass-through if you're sending it out to the right hardware.
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Response by poster: Oh, so it will pass it to my receiver. Perfect! I hadn't got that hooked up yet. Thank you!
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