Environmental seal of 60D versus D7000
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Environmental seal on Canon 60D vs Nikon D7000.

I'm trying to decide between the Canon 60D and the Nikon D7000. I'm mostly leaning towards the former, but there is one major factor I can't get much information on - their ability to resist rain, and the safety of using them in bad weather conditions.

My last SLR came to grief in very heavy rain, and on that day most people with Canons had problems whereas the Nikons soldiered through. Coupled with that, I could have sworn that when I looked a few months ago the specs on dpreview.com said the D7000 had an 'environmental seal', but the 60D did not. However I just checked, and both cameras are now listed as having such a seal.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience to guide my decision? I have not been able to find much information online about the seals either way. The D7000 is quite a bit more expensive on Amazon, and the cost is further increased for me as my current lenses are Canon. But if in the long term I end up with a more robust camera for adverse conditions (I live in a very rainy country) the investment would be worth it.

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My recollection is that only Canon's 1 series are weather sealed on the body. Some of the L series lenses have a rubber gasket that may provide some protection even if the body is not weather sealed, but they're meant to interface with the rubber seal on the 1 series bodies. I use a 5D Mark II, and it is not sealed. I've used it in the rain and not worried too much about it, but I'd definitely think twice if I knew it was going to get really wet.

If I were you, I'd decide what body I actually want (sounds like the 60D), and budget for something like this camera housing (not advocating that one in particular). When I've gone out in a tropical storm, I've actually just used a breadbag and gotten fine results (shooting through the hole; obviously if I shot through the plastic the results would be bad, and probably covered in crumbs).
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Don't know a thing about the 60D

My 5D fritzed out in a very, very heavy mist. Seriously not rain. It stayed fritzed for 3 days (kept it next to the stove). Went on to use it for another couple of years. Currently it's fritzy again. Never sure if it was completely fixed.

Long story short, if the camera is not weatherproof, it's not weatherproof.

I would say that I took this camera hitchhiking in Newfoundland, which was a pretty wet place. I rigged a ziplock bag around it with some gaffers tape (used only 1 prime lens) with the zipper in the back. I had no problems.
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This video makes me shudder, but there it is


I'd rec the housing as well, no matter brand you get

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The Canon 7D is the only non-1 series camera that is weather sealed. It's quite a bit more expensive than the 60D, but considering the features and performance it offers over the XXD line, it's a great value.
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