Looking for an SMTP server that I can use from anywhere?
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What's the best SMTP server or relay that will let me send e-mail from anywhere?

I recently moved from an ISP that offered authenticated SMTP (Rogers, whose technical service was good but whose customer service left my blood boiling) to a small ISP whose SMTP only allows me to send mail while I'm on their network. This sucks, since - despite being self-employed - I'm out of the house a lot. Now, I'm stuck using webmail.

Also, for historical reasons, my e-mail is hosted at another small ISP shop. They don't offer a useful SMTP solution either. (They have one, but it's flaky, relying on authenticating your IP based on whether you'd checked your mail from it in the last 10 minutes, etc.) No Gmail for me.

What I want is an authenticated SMTP server whose login info I can plug into my Mail client and my iPhone, that will allow me to send mail from anywhere from my existing address, no fuss and no muss.

I see that such services exist on this Internet thing. Does anyone have recommendations on which might be best? Reliable options at the lowest price are the most sought after. Thanks!
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Tuffmail is pretty awesome.
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Hey one of the best out there, and what we use a corporate solution to compliment a secure exchange environment is the cloud based sendgrid.


For 9.99 USD per month you can send 40,000 emails. It offers advanced tracking, web interface and a whole lot more. they also have a free account which I think limits one to 200 emails per day.

The smtp is as simple as pointing your outgoing server setting to smtp.sendgrid.com and plugging in your sendgrid user and pass info.

We have been highly impressed with their tracking tools and ease of use.
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Fastmail.fm are still the bomb.

If you want free, I believe Google mail, hotmail, etc offer SMTP mail services.
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Best answer: Gmail is free, provides authenticated SMTP, and you don't need to actively use it for incoming mail. Just log in to the website once to set up the addresses your sending from under "Send mail as:" and then forget you have a Gmail address. The SMTP relay is completely standard secure SMTP, except (1) it keeps a copy in the equivalent of a sent mail folder on your Gmail account and (2) there is a record of your Gmail username in non-standard headers in your outgoing email.
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I use RollerNet and am very happy.
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If you are not sending e-mail from your own domain, you should know that although this may work now, it won't keep working due to SPF and DKIM.
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Response by poster: Thank-you caek! Thank you, The Google! Having a Googley back-up of my sent-mail is fine by me, and I don't mind the header-snooping world knowing that I have a Gmail account, too. That's just what I needed. Cheers!
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