Building bathroom, need store recommendations in Portland.
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Building a bathroom in Portland, OR. Where to buy affordable fixtures and tile besides bix-box stores, Ikea and the Rebuilding Center?

I've noticed the Portland metro area has more home-stuff stores nearby than Pittsburgh did. Way more. Can anyone recommend stores (not showrooms) beyond the Lowes/HD/Ikea trifecta?
This weekend I'm looking for a vanity, laminate for a vanity top (so that I can do the sink cutout myself), and ceramic tile. Because of time constraints I don't want to do special order if I can avoid it (RTA is fine): because of overall project costs I want to keep costs reasonable but not nasty. (I already found an awesome black secondhand sink, but used vanities all seem to have major water damage, or require extensive refinishing.)
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Have you tried A-Boy or any other of the usual plumbing supply houses (George Morlan, Mesher Supply, Rejuvination) in town? Not all will have weekend hours, but many will.
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Not sure if it's 'affordable,' exactly -- it depends on what you're buying -- but Hippo Hardware often has this sort of thing. Plus it's just really fun to look around in.
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Parr Cabinet Outlet.
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Call North Pacific Supply (they are out past 205 off Foster. I use them a lot and their prices are good. They may have something old/returned/discontinued that would work for you. (their property management rep once bought me a burger at Burger King but that's the only kickback I've gotten!)

Pratt and Larsen has a seconds department if you are interested in mix n matching your tile. I think the cost is buy the pound. It's fairly close to the Habitat Re-Store in SE.
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It looks like habitat for Humanity has a restore in Portland. You could check there.
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Believe it of not, eBay. If you already know what you want and how to describe it, and aren't too picky about the color (mostly because it's hard to tell from an online image) you'd be surprised how good a deal you can sometimes get.
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