What 'over 18' movie character wears a light grey pinstripe suit (no tie)?
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I don't like fancy dress parties but I have to go to one tonight. The theme is '18 certificate movies'. I would like to wear a suit, preferably my light grey pinstripe one, I don't like to wear ties. I have hair, medium length, that I can wear loosely or slicked back. Is there any character from an over 18 movie you can think of that, perhaps with some easy accessorizing, I can 'imitate'?
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One of the Revervoir Dogs characters or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho?
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Reservoir Dogs, sorry. Having said that, both these looks would work better with a tie and some fake blood splatters. You could always take the tie off later in the night.
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A get-out-of-jail that has served me more than once. Two simple steps.
1. Make a tiny effort. Don't rock up in something completely normal and boring. Even if it's just a funny looking hat. The grey suit you mention in your question seems like the G-O [unless everyone will be wearing suits].
2. Wear a name badge. eg. Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy.
The fact that the name doesn't match the costume doesn't seem to hurt at all.

I went to a James Bond themed party the other night. Wore a nice shirt, dress shorts with my socks pulled right up and a name badge stating I was Oddjob. When I say badge, it was just a self adhesive label printed from the word processor. Turned out to be quite the conversation starter. "Er, where's your top hat?"
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Definitely go with American Psycho. All you need to do is slick your hair back and rock a nice suit. Add business cards or nailgun if you're feeling especially adventurous.
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Just about any character from an organized crime movie on the wrong side of the law will do.
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Wear a (bow)tie loosely around your neck, go as James Spader in Secretary.
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Vincent Vega
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2nding American psycho, especially if you can stay in character. Talk about Huey Lewis and the News and Phil Collins, tell everyone you are from "murders and executions", buy a clear poncho to wear over your suit, and carry an axe.
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I also came in to say Patrick Bateman..late on the draw I see. Or Gordon Gecko of course.
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Thanks everyone - I went as Patrick Bateman with a strip of nails coming out of my front pocket - great help, thanks again.
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