What was in this cheese?
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I just ate a little bit of cheese with a brown mold or similar growth on it. What was this?

I often eat mini Babybel cheese - the kind that come in a little wax package. Today I opened one, and didn't realize until after a bite and a half (most was spit out) that there was something brown on the bottom that I hadn't seen. I swallowed a small bite or two but spit out the rest. It was only on one side of the cheese, and it almost looked corroded. I washed my mouth thoroughly with mouthwash afterward. What could that have been? Should I be worried? I don't feel sick to my stomach yet and this was probably 15 minutes or so ago.
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Hint: People eat moldy cheese all the time.
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I eat moldy cheese all the time. You'll be fine.
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This thread at ChowHound might be a relief or worry you more, depending on whether you mean a reddish-brown by "corroded:"

Safe v unsafe cheese molds
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It's okay. It'll cure any syphilis you have if anything.
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