Where are the authorization files and documents for iTunes on my Mac?
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Where are the iTunes Authorization and/or Documentation files on my Mac?

I have a Mac Powerbook G4 PPC.
I recently replaced the hard drive and everything is GREAT!

But iTunes is not great.

I was running OS X.3.9 and iTunes 7.something
I upgraded to OS X.4.11 and iTunes 9.2.1

I cant get the authorizations to work. There is always an error.

I emailed Apple and they gave me the runaround and then sent me an excited message that they have solved my problem! All I have to do is upgrade to the latest OS and iTunes! No Problem!

Except: Problem.

This is as high as this machine will do well. It was working fine with the Apple store before, and so I thought I would pull the authorization files from the old hard drive and put them on this - is this possible? Apple hasn't been much help.

Does anyone know where they are? In which folder?
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Can you deauthorize the computer through iTunes? Then authorize it again?

Alternatively, back everything up (copy your Home folder, minus the Library - just Documents, Music, Pictures and Movies) and wipe the bugger (boot from an OS X install disk, quit the Installer, then run Disk Utility to format the drive). Then reinstall from scratch (run the installer on the newly-reformatted drive).

After running all available OS updates, open iTunes and authorize the computer with your Apple ID. After authorization all your purchased media should play again just fine.
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Nope - that is the problem. It is always the message that a "required iTunes component is not installed" and gives me an error of "42404".

What you suggest is the second and third thing I tried to do, but no dice: same message.

That is why I thought that there was a file or two that I could copy over that would make Apple recognize this hard drive as if it were the old one.
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Have you tried stuff in here.

I am suspecting the upgrade (duh!), specifically I think you broke Quicktime in some way. Try installing 10.3.9 again, does iTunes work there? If not try to get that working first.
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I'll try the reinstall again and use the tips they give in that thread, but everything else works perfectly in iTunes - I can play all of my unlocked music, access my Apple/iTunes account (see it and change information), play videos both in iTunes and off. It really is just the authorization that is a problem.

Luckily I also have a new iMac, so I can do a round-about with the authorization through that and load the stuff up on the iPod, but it is just too big at 27" to use as a portable. :)

Thanks guys. If anyone knows the specifics of the folders and files, let me know. I would much, much rather take it apart point-by-point rather than all of the install/reinstall business.
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