What is the name of this hat?
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Does anyone know the name of this hat?

I'm desperately trying to figure out the specific name of this hat. I believe it is known throughout India, Tibet, and Nepal from my knowledge. Just wondering because I'm very interested in buying one, saying that, does anyone know a website that sells these hats?

Here are couple pictures:

Hat 1

Hat 2
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It is probably a type of taqiyah, but that won't help you much as there are countless different kinds. Might be a start, though. But then, the taqiyah is a Muslim thing and India is mostly Hindu. So "topi" might be a better thing to search for, even though "topi" just means "cap".

Or maybe it's a plain old woolen cap.
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This flickr set says, "Whether its Dhaka topi or Bhatgaule Topi, Nepali Hat has its own identity. The Dhaka topi cap was a substitute for the traditional black Bhatgaule Topi worn mostly by Newars in Kathmandu. The popularity of the Dhaka Topi increased amongst the people of Nepal to the extent that it was promoted to the national dress of the country. This flickr group is dedicated to all those photos with Nepali Hat to promote it all around."
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Could it be a topi? More: Dhaka topi (wiki). And nepaltopi.com.
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I'd actually probably email that handicraftsindia page if I were you, delasoull, and just ask exactly what kind of cap the dude is wearing.
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On non-preview, argh, great minds, etc. One more picture.
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Heh, do a Google image search on "himachal topi". That's totally what it is, MonkeyToes provided the most important clue!
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Himachal topis on flickr.
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But wait! There's more: Topis and more topis!
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A Google image search for "Pahari topi" turns up your image #1. "Topi" is just a generic word for "hat" in Hindi/Urdu and Nepali. "Pahar" is a hill/mountain. The Pahari are an ethnic group that lives in various Himalayan areas (northernmost states of India and in Nepal). I think the green kind of hat is a subtype called a Kinnauri hat, being common in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.
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Also this on Himachali topis, I think maybe that's the right category level?! O_O
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geneva uswazi, did you see these? Beautiful. For sale.
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These kinds of hats come from the Kinnaur, Lahaul and Spiti regions of the himalayas. These areas lie in the upper regions of the Himalayas. Much higher up than Simla. They have amazing apricots, apples, walnuts and peaches there. Of course, everything is organic.
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