Where can we get Guinness on tap in STL? Cheers, Dear.
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What are the best places to get good food and a couple of pints of Guinness in St. Louis?

I have a couple of friends coming in town next week, and what they'd like to see more than anything is a couple of pints of Guinness at the end of the day. (Or the middle... or both...) I know Cicero's serves Guinness among many other great beers, but where else in town do they serve good food and have Guinness on tap? Bonus points for free wifi, less crowded places and a locale relatively close to UMSL or the loop. (Not required, but definitely a plus.)

Bonus question: These are fellow music people with a 12yo, and although they're not really here for sight-seeing, are there any free, novelty musical sights we can take in? For example, I'll suggest checking out the History Museum to see Miles Davis' trumpet.

Bonus, bonus question: The 12yo really digs Magic the Gathering and that sort of thing right now. We'll swing by Star Clipper on The Loop, but is there any place pretty near UMSL that also has that sort of thing or are there any local tournaments on the 26th-27th?
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Dressel's is in the Central West End and is probably one of my favorite bars in STL. I don't live in the Lou any more but try to stop by there whenever I'm in town. A few years ago round Christmas time I introduced it to my SO and one of our friends and they both fell in love. I can't be certain that they have Guinness on tap, but I would be surprised if they didn't and would be remiss if I didn't point it out to you. They have pretty good food and hopefully when you go the upstairs is open. The upstairs is, I have been led to believe (having never actually been to Wales), a faithful recreation of your traditional Welsh pub. Very cozy and lovely for sipping a pint or two. It might be a little out of your way, but well worth the trip I assure you.

As for your other questions, I have no answers. But I really encourage you to make the trip to Dressel's. I'll be jealous if you go!
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McGurk's is a fairly well-known Irish bar, with claims to winning assorted "best pub" votes, serving the most Guinness in the area, etc. Thus I can't suggest it wouldn't be crowded, but it's worth looking into. (note, I haven't eaten there, but their Guinness was good... the last time I was there, 5 years ago or so.)
Bonus: nightly music, Irish traditional. Trends more toward fiddle tunes played by experts who do it for love of the tradition, rather than pub songs sung expertly by entertainers who sing the classics the crowd expects.
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Came in to recommend Dressel's. They have the best pretzels in St. Louis, hands down. And, there's a pool table and darts upstairs to maybe entertain the 12 year old.
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They have pretty good food and hopefully when you go the upstairs is open. The upstairs is, I have been led to believe (having never actually been to Wales), a faithful recreation of your traditional Welsh pub.

Everything that friendlyjuan says about Dressel's is right and true, though the last time I went (a few weeks ago) the upstairs was closed because of some building malfunction or other. I imagine they've got it fixed by now, but if you settle on Dressel's you might give them a call beforehand to make sure that the upstairs is open if that's the part that you're interested in.
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I also recommend McGurk's down here in Soulard. It's got good food and a nice patio.
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Thanks for the suggestions!

We did a mini pub-crawl and actually made it to McGurk's and Dressel's while my friends were here. Both places had a nice relaxed atmosphere during the day and generally good food. The cabbage that came on the corned beef and cabbage plate was a little suspect at McGurks, but otherwise, it was a great place for lunch. I've been to McGurk's before and liked the food, so I'm thinking this was just a one-off experience.

We asked about the upstairs at Dressel's, which was closed, and it turns out that it's only open seasonally. They generally open it up when it's too cold to have people eating outside. The bartender offered to take us up for a look around, but we just decided it was worth it to make a trip back sometime in mid-October to see it in action.

Though we liked each place we went, our favorite pub was definitely Llywellyn's in the Central West End, about a block and a half from Dressel's. We went there for lunch on the first day, and then went back during the late-night happy hour two nights in a row. Their food was equally good and their prices on both food and Guinness were a little more reasonable. During happy-hour, a pint was only $3. Their staff was also very friendly and it was generally a nice place to just sit and relax.

I'd recommend any of these places to anyone looking for good food and Guinness in St. Louis.
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