Recommendations for HCG trigger-shot injection?
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Can anyone recommend a nurse/clinic service in the Bay Area to give an intramuscular HCG trigger-shot injection?

In a couple weeks I'll need to get an HCG shot in the gluteus maximus muscle as part of fertility treatment, and there's no way I'll be able to do it myself! It will most likely be in the evening or at night, as it must be timed exactly 36 hours before a morning procedure. If anyone can suggest someone reliable whom they have used for an injection, I'll be very grateful.
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If you have a partner or friend who can give the shots, your fertility doctor/clinic should be able to show that person how to do it (including drawing a circle on your skin for where to do it precisely). If you don't have someone you can show, you might contact At Home Fertility or Maia Midwifery (who do preconception services) and see if they can help you or recommend another service provider.
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