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Do you have a small TV (19in-26in) that can tilt forward?

Asking for my parents: They currently have this TV which is broken and according to the reviews, awful, so they aren't interested in buying it again. They also aren't interested in bolting a stand into the wall or into the dresser where the TV sits. They need the TV to tilt forward, because the dresser is pretty high, making the screen look dark when watched from the bed.

It's hard to tell by looking online if TVs tilt forward (and my dad already did a walk through Best Buy with no luck), so does anyone have recommendations for one that does? I think they would also settle for a stand as long as it didn't involve bolting.

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Best answer: Your best bet is to buy any TV with a VESA mount, which is very common these days, and buy a VESA stand. There are some for fairly cheap on Amazon.

An Amazon search for VESA stand should help, or alternatively VESA clamp if that will work better for you.
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Best answer: And here's a cheaper source for those mounts. I've used Monoprice a lot personally, but feel free to check reviews online. They're well regarded.
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Best answer: If you require the TV to come with a stand that is adjustable in the way you want, you will be seriously limited in your TV options. Good stands are not something manufacturers are willing to spend money on, because consumers aren't willing to pay extra for those features.

As Freon says, monoprice makes acceptable cheap stuff. If you are uninterested in a wall mount, they have this basic desk stand that should do what you need.

Ergotron makes premium stands, and has a few desk mount options.
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Might need to get your parents to accept the idea of a wall mount. It'll solve all their problems
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Response by poster: thanks for the help -- looks like a stand is the best way to go for them.
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