NYC labor lawyer sought
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I'm looking for a labor lawyer in New York City, preferably north Brooklyn area ( but anywhere is fine). Any suggestions?

All of the employees at my workplace were recently given a non-compete contract, with the mandate to sign as a condition for continued employment. We need to have some questions answered before these are due to be signed, and hope to be able to negotiate at least a few things. The contract seems to restrict all employees from working in our field for up to year after leaving the company (no distinction on whether that is due to firing, layoffs, or quitting). Does anyone know a good lawyer we can consult?
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I don't have a suggestion for a lawyer, but there was a recent AskMe about this topic, which may help illuminate some things for you.
posted by dfriedman at 7:35 AM on July 17, 2011

I would seek a lwayer at NELA

Unless you are unionized or want to unionize, you're looking for an employment lawyer.
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Outten & Golden
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I was going to recommend Outten too.
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I have a recommendation but would prefer to share by email. If you would like to contact me using an anonymous email address, my email address is in my profile.
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