Songs for a 1st birthday video
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Songs for a 1st birthday video!

Last week my boyfriend and I went to a friend's daughter's 1st birthday party and took lots and lots of video - playing with the dog, opening her presents, squelching her hands into her cake, and a short message from everyone who was there for when she is older - all great stuff! Now we want to cut this together to make a lovely momento. Some bits will be the natural sound, i.e. singing happy birthday etc, but some bits are just of her playing with wrapping paper and toddling around, and we'd like some great music to play with this. Any suggestions please? Our friends have a great sense of humour so funny suggestions also welcome, does not have to be sentimental.
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Best answer: I think Herb Alpert makes great "kids doing things" background music. Here are a few suggestions. But since it's a birthday, The Beatles would also be appropriate.
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I love John McCutchen's Cut the Cake, but it is probably a little to old for her. But remember it for a few years down the road.
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Ryan from Pacing the Panic Room makes nice kid videos, and he always uses songs by the band Rabbit.
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I would go for the super-corny that Broadway tunes do so well. I think "Bushel and a Peck' from Guys and Dolls would be super-adorable and apropos. Here is one version.

FWIW, I sing this to my two year old son all of the time and he loves it!
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Response by poster: I love all these suggestions thanks!!
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The Benny Hill theme is never not good for such things, am I right?
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Response by poster: peagood - so right!
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