Latenight food purgatory in East County
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Seeking all night restaurant in San Diego with specific requirements.

1. Inexpensive
2. Open 24 hours, or at least until 1-2 AM on Friday night
3. Preferably nothing loud. Bars are fine, bars with loud music that you have to talk over are not.
4. No Denny's or Taco shops
5. (Slightly less important) Located in East County, ala El Cajon or Santee.
6. Can seat a large party

I know these are limiting parameters, I'm just trying to find something that yelp searches and looking here wouldn't find.
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Tyler's may or may not still be 24-hours, you should call and check before committing to anything.

Man, once you take taco shops and chain breakfast out of the equation, there's not much to choose from. I can't tell which of the Keith's are still Keith's, ours just shut down to be remodeled into an IHOP.
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yeah, East County doesn't have much in the way of non-chains. how far west are you willing to meet?
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Best answer: Have you considered Studio Diner right off the 15 and Clairemont Mesa? It fits criteria #1, 2, 3, and 4, might fit #6 depending on how large is large.
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Brians'! I think Saturdays they're open 24 hours, Fridays they're open late, and the other nights they're open til 10 or so. Yummy food and big portions of it, and not too bad on the wallet. I've definitely seen large groups in there. Unfortunately, not in East County.
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Response by poster: Tyler's may or may not still be 24-hours, you should call and check before committing to anything.

Tyler's was our old spot before they started closing at 11PM. Shame about that.

We've also been to Brians' on occasion. Not that too fixated on East County, it just makes it easier for some of my friends. Feel free to suggest anything else that meets the other parameters.
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Not sure of the hours, but Craft and Commerce, might accomdate you
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Best answer: Rudfords on El Cajon in North Park was my first thought. I know this isnt a restaurant, but if you felt like coffee, I think Rebecca's in South Park is open all night, some nights.
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