The finest of Seventies rock
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Mid- to late Seventies rock music wanted. I'd like to put together a recherché sampler while avoiding the well-worn tunes. If there's a good compilation already out there, so much the better. Thanks!
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There's lots of great stuff on Fleetwood Mac's Tusk (e.g. "What Makes You Think You're the One") that gets overshadowed on such samplers by better-known Rumours tracks.
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Couldn't Get It Right by Climax Blues Band, among others.
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Oh, and more overlooked Fleetwood-related stuff, there's always the unreleased Buckingham Nicks album from 1973.
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Cowboy song - Thin Lizzy
Frank Zappa
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Nick Lowe: I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

Leonard Cohen: Memories (for a truly unhinged performance).

Elvis Costello: Senior Service
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White Punks on Dope by the Tubes
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Styx - Come Sail Away.
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"Come Sail Away" is among the *most* worn of 70s tunes.

I'd look into:
City Boy
The Raspberries
Early KISS
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Might be a few years early for your preferences, but The Faces and Humble Pie both put out amazing stuff that's often a bit overlooked these days.
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Starz - Cherry Baby
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Sabbath - Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes
Priest - Green Manalishi
Deep Purple - Burn
Rainbow - A Light in the Black
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A German girl turned me on to Rory Gallagher. I like him now.
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Mountain - Mississippi Queen But for me, I'm a fan of The Animal Trainer and the Toad
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I'm assuming you're interested in "classic" rock. It's a specific aesthetic that ties in with that time frame.

Telegram by Nazareth has been forgotten due to the popularity of Hair of the Dog and Love Hurts. Both times I saw them play live in the late 70s, they opened with that song.

I recently dug up some Alan Parsons Project from that time period, specifically Tales of Mystery and Imagination (his Poe album).

I'd also take about any non-popular song from Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and Black Sabbath from that time period. Lots of good stuff that you never hear anymore.

Also, check out the album Works by Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
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Yes, classic rock is what I'm looking for.

Really enjoying the suggestions so far, thanks!
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Lady of the Lake by Starcastle
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Here's my current "largely off the beaten path 70's rock" driving mixtape (note some tunes are from the early 70's/late 60's):

Climbing the Ladder
- The Isley Brothers
Anyway - Genesis
Super Stupid - Funkadelic
Shinin' On - Grand Funk Railroad
Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes - Black Sabbath
Electricity - Captain Beefheart
Sing Child - Heart
I'm Not in Love - 10cc
Little Dreamer - Van Halen
Down and Out - Genesis
Starless - King Crimson
Celebration Day - Led Zeppelin
Heart of the Sunrise - Yes
House Burning Down - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Skin I'm In - Sly and the Family Stone
Death on Two Legs - Queen
Any Major Dude Will Tell You - Steely Dan
Right Down the Line - Gerry Rafferty
Still... You Turn Me On - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
If There Is Something - Roxy Music
New World Rising/Ocean Breakup Reprise - ELO
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From two of my favorite bands:
Hawkwind - Assault and Battery Pt 1
Motorhead - Vibrator

And a few others off the top of my head....

Blue Oyster Cult - Career of Evil (Patti Smith wrote this song!)
Scorpions - Backstage Queen (anything off "Virgin Killer" or "In Trance" really!!)
Groundhogs - Crosscut Saw
George Brigman - Jungle Rot
Trooper - Roller Rink (lyrics are pretty hilarious, but it's catchy in that golden mid 70s way)

And shoot, ya need a little cowbell. Not unknown but it's gotta go on a mid 70's comp:
Nazareth - Hair of the Dog

Alternatively, Miss Misery is killer.

(Really tried to keep this 1974-1979....early 70s rock is more of my forte)
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Dammit, forgot:

Julie With... - Brian Eno
Black Cat - Gentle Giant
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Show Me the Way (starts at 3:56)
Remember the Future
by Nectar
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oops ... Nektar
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Right on, that's the stuff.
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Never Been Any Reason
by Head East
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Love is Like Oxygen
by Sweet
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Roxy Music - The Thrill of it All
& Both Ends Burning

Be-Bep Deluxe - Ships in the Night
& Fair Exchange

Mott the Hoople - Roll Away the Stone

and the best song evar - Thin Lizzy - Running Back
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Probably not "typical" 70's music, but Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album is absolutely worth a listen.
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Rolling Stones - Sweet Virginia or anything from Exile on Main Street.
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Here is where i pop into these questions to recommend basically anything by Todd Rundgren and/or Utopia.

In this case, same goes for Robert Palmer's 70s output -- and, perhaps surprisingly to those who are unaware that they sometimes rocked, Hall and Oates. Check out War Babies.
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Fantastic stuff! Thank you so much!
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The Runaways
The Sneakers
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Thin Lizzy you say? Try Sha La La , Borderline, Opium Trail, Johnny the fox meets Jimmy the Weed, For those who love to live, and a favorite of mine
, Old Flame. I think all of these are on you tube.
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Steely Dan- Katy Lied
King Crimson- Starless and Bible Black
Yes- Fragile, Close to the Edge
Rush- Fly By Night

And the mighty TUSK!!!! That album has been more or less the soundtrack to my year. Check that shit out.
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And Rush - Hemispheres, of course.
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Hey St. Peter - Flash and the Pan
Driver Seat - Sniff 'n the Tears
Praying to the Aliens - Gary Numan and the Tubeway Army
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