What can a vegetarian eat in the French Quarter of New Orleans?
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I am going to New Orleans on business. I will be on the edge of the French Quarter and am looking for restaurants that serve at least one vegetarian dish, preferably in or near the French Quarter. Cheap is not required and in fact for many meals higher end would be preferable.

I have been digging, but the only restaurants I've found that have a vegetarian dish are a couple of Italian places. Fortunately, they have lots of options, but I wanted to get a longer list in case I need to go out with business associates.

This question was asked four years ago and at the time there was a lot of "oh, that closed two years ago" and "that's not quite open yet" and "yeah, plenty of places in the South serve vegetarian food, stop stereotyping" so it seemed about time to ask again.
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Best answer: Many Creole or Cajun restaurants will have Gumbo Z'Herbes (aka Greens Gumbo) on the menu - it's a traditional dish served mostly at Lent but usually available year round, and it's vegetarian. I've had it at the Gumbo Shop on St. Peter near Jackson Square, and it was quite good.
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Best answer: Green Goddess has some vegetarian ... you can download their menus from their website to see if anything seems tasty.
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Best answer: The New Orleans board at Chowhound seem to be pretty active. Here's a search for "French Quarter vegetarian" that might be helpful.
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Best answer: Is Domenica on your list of Italian places? The vegetarian dishes (like the red beet tortelloni) are pretty tasty. It's located on the edge of the French Quarter.
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Best answer: The best advice I got visiting New Orleans as a vegetarian is that most higher-end places will happily make a vegetarian dish if you ask. You can call ahead to make sure. I look at what their vegetarian appetizers are like (almost everywhere has some) and base my choice of restaurant off that.

Green Goddess really is great and probably my favorite place to eat in the Quarter. Followed by Bennachin, which is an African restaurant that's not high-end, but is interesting and delicious.

But don't be afraid to get a taxi or streetcar elsewhere to eat. There is a lot of really good stuff out of the Quarter. Here is the Times Picayune's dining guide.
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Best answer: I was just there and Three Muses on Frenchmen was excellent. It has a small but delicious menu with a vew vegetarian choices, so you won't have a ton of options. It's right outside the Quarter, so not a far walk at all. And I also really like Mona Lisa, which isn't super-upscale, but just has good food.
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Best answer: I'd also recommend green goddess. Not high end, but the food is prepared like it is. It's a like a loud french/NY bistro. perfect.
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Also voting for Green Goddess. Go Chef Chris!
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I must recommend the Green Goddess. So good. Also, there's a ton of ethnic fare around the city with veggie options, like Nirvana (Indian), the Jasmine Cafe(Vietnamese), and Babylon Cafe (Middle Eastern).
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La Crepe Nanou is a great French restaurant with vegetarian options. It's Uptown but easily accessible by streetcar or cab. My mom and I went in 2006 and she had a couple options. Food was great and the service was awesome.

Also, to confirm, are you a full-on vegetarian or do you eat fish (pescatarian)?
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This Gambian restaurant was my favorite and I wasn't stuck with eating just beans like all the other Creole or Cajun places that said they had vegan food. I had food there thrice when at a conference.

1212 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 522-1230

Yelp seems to have sharply divided reviews for this place. I loved, loved, loved it.
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