How can we stay physically close while his circumcision heals?
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How can we stay physically close while his circumcision heals?

My boyfriend of a year had a circumcision a week and a half ago for medical reasons. As such, any time he gets an erection it's really rather painful and will be until the stitches dissolve. We're already feeling the strain of not being able to be physically affectionate in our usual ways (minus sex, we've not been able to have it yet due to said medical reasons). What are some good ways to cope with this for the next month or so?
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Have you tried touch that isn't necessarily sexually stimulating? Massage, or even simple stroking (like petting a cat, but on a person) can be extremely intimate and affectionate.
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It may sound really dumb, but psychologists have shown that simply sitting together, hugging and looking into each others eyes is a good way of building affection and feelings of security.
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Men want cuddles.
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Spooning/cuddling, back massage, or head-rubs are all great.

Especially the head rubs.
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Massages, cuddling, bathing/showering together, head rubs: all awesome.

But I'll go out on a limb and suggest prostate massage, too. Talk to his doctor if you have any questions, but I have a, uh, "friend" for whom this was nothing short of miraculous when his penis was similarly out of commission... and then long thereafter.
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