Name of paper storage program?
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There's a kind of 2D barcoding program that stores large amounts of compressed information on paper, like a QR code. What's it called?

I need to know what it's called. It's not Rainbow Storage, but it's kind of like that. If I recall correctly, it was monochrome and grid-based.

The article, as I remember it, said that it was specifically for archiving large quantities of information, and I think there was a freeware tool to use it linked on the page.
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There are a lot of different 2D barcodes, where I found Twibright Optar, where Optar stands for OPTical ARchiver, which can even store recorded audio in a strictly visual format.
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You can learn all about barcode symbologies here (and generate them). PDF 417 is an option that may be what you're thinking of. It's commonly used for the back of identification cards in the U.S.
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Xerox PARC has Dataglyphs.
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How much data? Datamatrix will encode about 3K per patch, Pdf417 will encode a max of 1.8K per patch, but can be much less depending of how much error correction is in the patch.
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Thanks, light thief. That's what I remembered.

('Written language' would have been acceptable too, were I insufferable.)
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