Hymn to Eros: page number?
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Do you have access to a copy of The Sorrow Dance, a book of poems by Denise Levertov? (Should be in most college/university libraries or large public libraries, if you happen to be visiting your library soon.)

I'm trying to find out on what page the poem "Hymn to Eros" appears. Haven't easily found this info online (please let me know if you can!) and can't get to a library copy this week.

I do have a used copy coming to me, but its ship date is unknown and I'm hoping to find out the page # within the next few days.

This can be in any edition of the book (there were several). If you can tell me the page #, would you please also tell me the ISBN so I can be sure I have the right edition? Thanks so much for any help.
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It's on p.171 of Poems, 1960-1967, FWIW.
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Page 21 of "The Sorrow Dance," 1968 Cape ed.
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Page 21 of "The Sorrow Dance," New Directions 1966.
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I just went and got it out of the vault. Page 21.

The SBN (it did not say "ISBN") is "224 61391 X" for the 1968 edition.
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Thanks so much, everybody! Resolved.
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