Where to send two BFFs for a weekend somewhere between Michigan and DC (or not)?
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surprise weekend get away for two 30-something best friends. One's in DC, one's in Michigan. Where should we send them?

I'm looking for suggestions on where to send my wife (who lives in DC) and her best friend (who lives in Michigan). I'm pretty sure they just want to relax, maybe shop, a beach would be great but is certainly not necessary, a spa would be a good suggestion. two or three nights. Somewhere they could drive and meet would be great, somewhere they could fly for a reasonable expense would also be fine. Would prefer something in late August or September (but not Labor Day weekend) if that matters. Ideas??
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If they are looking to just chill out, I'd suggest a low-key place like Berkeley Springs, WV.

They have small-town shopping and excellent spas. Doesn't hurt that the area is naturally beautiful!
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What about something on Lake Erie?

Or, yes, Montreal would be perfect, especially in September, though you should check plane tickets because they can be weirdly expensive.
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About halfway driving would be Pittsburgh and there are lots of country resorty type places outside of Pittsburgh. Going a little bit out of the way from Pittsburgh in my old home town would be Oglebay Park and Resort.
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new york city. or the hamptons.
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