What's a good way to package professional documents?
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What are some creative, yet professional ways to present documents to clients?

I work in a law firm and my boss has asked me to look into ways in which we can present clients with their requested documents in a creative and distinctive way.

We already provide the closing documents on a residential real estate sale in a box shaped like a house, sealed with ribbon. It is a little corny, but clients love it and we put some candy inside if they have kids. We are looking do something similar for other clients.

For example, if a client is having their will drafted or a trust created, what ways could we package those documents.

Another example: If a client is starting his or her own business, how can we present them with their incorporation documents that celebrates the achievement, but is still professional.

The costs shouldn't be too high, because we do not want the clients eating the costs of aesthetic touches.

I have looked online for ideas for packaging documents, but my google-fu is failing me a bit.

Any ideas?
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The individually presented documents is nifty (specific to real estate, etc.), but I wouldn't focus on that. You don't want to come off too cute if you are a law firm. If you want to do a nice presentation, I would figure out something to do across the board. Maybe a very elegant box made of a nice leather or fabric, that just takes it up a notch, but doesn't get corny. Make it your signature.
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What's a good way to package professional documents? I'll be harsh: with as little wasteful flair as possible. I don't want a house-shaped box to eat into my fees at all and I certainly don't want the possibility of it ending up in a landfill all for the 5 seconds of "squee" I might get. I'd also question why a professional firm is wasting time worrying about the box instead of the box's contents.
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I agree that truly professional documents shouldn't have any waste at all. A box? What am I going to do with that? It's too nice to throw out, but ... crap I don't need to keep it and it takes up space.

I would use the highest quality papers cardboard and paper that you can find/afford. White or possibly ivory. Matte finished, heavy weight. Simply have your logo/name embossed on the front. Deliver in a white envelope that has one of those wrap the string around the button closures.

If you must deliver it in something, a nice leather portfolio.

Idea #3 in the kitschy but "professional": A clipboard.
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I would feel like I paid for a cheesy unprofessional service if my documents were handed to me with any sort of flair. If your company hasn't already, I think your money would better be spent hiring a graphic designer to layout a nice professional template for your documents. What is going to stick out the most is print and paper quality. Your documents should feel nice when touched.
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