Who are the Riffs?
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The largest gang in NYC is The Riffs in the movie The Warriors. Winchester calls Klinger a Riff in Season 7, Episode 1: Commander Pierce. Klinger is offended and informs/reminds Winchester that he (Klinger) is Lebanese. Who are the Riffs or what is a Riff? (Aside from the largest gang in NYC and not Klinger.)
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Riffians are Berber people in Morocco.
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I'm guessing The Warriors gang is a musical reference though.
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I don't know if this is directly related to your question, but The Warriors is based on Xenophon's Anabasis, so some references might be from there rather than the NYC scene.
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Riff was also the leader of the Jets, the white gang in West Side Story.
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What's the context of Winchester calling Klinger a riff? Could it be that the joke is: Winchester isn't using an ethnic slur at all, it's some other kind of insult, and Klinger incorrectly assumes it's an ethnicity and says "no, I'm Lebanese"?
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transcript of M*A*S*H episode "Commander Pierce":

The episode begins:
00:00:03 Klinger, more water.
00:00:04 I'm a little busy, Major.
00:00:06 Now, you insubordi riff!
00:00:08 Riff?
00:00:09 With all due respect, sir, may a pregnant camel give birth in your bunk.
00:00:15 Levantine thug.
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(There are some typos and nonsense words elsewhere in that transcript, so I don't think we can rely on its accuracy 100%.)
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A different set of subtitles has this slightly different exchange happening in the middle of the episode, though without any relevant lead-in.

- Klinger. More water.
- I'm a little busy, Major.
- Now, you insubordinate desert riff.
- Riff?
With all due respect, sir, may a pregnant camel give birth in your bunk.
-Levantine thug! [Wheezing]
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I suspect the real-world point was to have Winchester use a word that is clearly in context an ethnic slur without using one that would violate broadcast standards.

In context, the Rif War was a long colonialist conflict in the 1920s that would have been familiar to someone of Winchester's age, and you can find "riff" treated as a rough synonym for "moor" around the turn of the century.

As for The Warriors, it's probably just a riff on riff-raff (which, in case you're concerned, has nothing to do with the people of the Rif). In the novel, they're called the Delancey Thrones.
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This might be a good question to run by Ken Levine.
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