rescued at sea?
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I am trying to find an official account of a story I heard. A group of three men were working on a shrimp boat in the spring of 1993. The boat sank and only one man survived. This allegedly happened off the coast of northwest Florida and the survivor was allegedly in the water for 5 days before rescue. Is there a database of modern day shipwreck survivors? Can you think of a way I can verify this story?
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Not a shrimp boat, and it happened in 94 not 93, but the rest fits:
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And more info on the Charley Project.
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This story matches some of the details.
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There's the USCG's searchable CGMIX (click on IIR search), but it only seems to go back to 2002. That site has some information about submitting a FOIA request if you want to try that way.
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The details remind me of a New Yorker story from the last year or so. Could you have seen it there? Now that I try to remember, though, I think it might have been for a lot longer than 5 days, and not near the US. I think they were fishing, though!
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Thanks everyone for the answers so far. The guy who told me this story definitely knew they were shrimpers and they were not diving. I also found out they were not in a life boat or raft but"swimming." Allegedly, two guys died on the second day and the survivor tied their bodies to himself and kept swimming. On the 5th day which was Easter sunday 1993, he was rescued by some r/andom folks who happened by in a boat. I have reason to believe that the survivor is less than credible but I figured there must be a news story of this somewhere right? I think he was picked up somewhere off the coast of florida near Apalachicola.
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