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What brands make women's jeans that fit curvy women and aren't ultra low cut and made of stretch denim?
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Some Lands End jeans fit this description. Also L.L. Bean.
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Lee Jeans
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ralph lauren, although some of them do have a bit of stretch in the denim (they're not "stretch denim" though). lucky, calvin klein and levi's all still make regular rise, but i'm not sure what you mean "fit curvy" so i don't know if they fit the bill.

nordstrom carries something called "not your daughter's jeans" which are supposed to be cut avoid that horrible butt-gap and are all regular rise, but i know nothing else about them.
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Venezia makes an easy fit style jean from standard denim. It's available at Lane Bryant. All the other jeans at Lane Bryant are stretch denim.
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What size are you? If you're 16 or below (US sizing), there are lots of options. If you're above 16, there are lots of different options, and IME that is the cut-off line. Gap online has non-stretch jeans up to size 20, like this non-strech boot-cut style. However, the designer-type jeans (Citizens of Humanity, Seven, Joe's, Paper Denim and Cloth) seem to stop at 32 (about a 10-12, I think), so knowing the size will help a little.
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Does curvy mean big hips small waist, or big hips big waist? I fit the latter category and have been happy with Eddie Bauer, also the Gap boot cut. If you are plus size, Lane Bryant (the store, not the catalog) has various cuts you might check out.
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my partner is curvy (but not obese, which this might be an american euphemism for, i guess) and has some much appreciated (by me) pairs of gap jeans.
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Ralph Lauren makes a pair of jeans called Kelly Jeans which don't have a low rise, but sometimes do have a bit of spandex in them, but it's not obnoxious--just helps them fit more naturally. I'm also fond of long and lean jeans, which seem to fit my very curvy butt and hips very well. Another suggestion would be J Crew's Hipster Flare jeans. Again, none of these suggestions would fit you if you're above 14/16. Good Luck!
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Yeah, fabesfaves is right: it's weird that the "long and lean" from Gap fit really well, but they do. My sister claims that's because they're supposed to *make* you long and lean; I'm not sure they do, but they fit a good number of my not-so-long-and-lean friends and I.
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I like the Lucky brand a lot myself, and almost all of their cuts come in washes that don't have any elasticity. Some of their cuts are very low rise, but several aren't. Their easy rider style is a good choice if you're not comfortable with even a nod towards low rise. As with the other designer brands, though, they cut off at a 32, which is maybe a 14. One caveat, however, is that they do stretch (not spandex stretch, just stretch) as you wear them, so you have to buy the smallest size that you can squeeze into. When we took my sister to get a pair, it took a greased shoehorn and four strong men to get her into her jeans, but she looked fabulous. And they're ridiculously comfortable once they're on.
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Oh, one other thing -- if you are curvy (actually, if you are anyone who wants to look decent in jeans), resist the temptation to buy high-waisted jeans. I know, everyone thinks that they cover a multitude of sins, but it will make your butt look horribly, laughably large. Eschewing low rise is one thing, but jeans should not cover your belly button.
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32 is more like a 10/12, not a 14.
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I wrote an essay about this once, and ultimately found a pair of jeans at Eddie Bauer. I've since abandoned those jeans, however, and my new favorite curvy jeans are from (get this!) JC Penney. $30 and they fit like a dream.
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For me, curvy = small waist + large hips. I'm all of 5'0", and if it weren't for Old Navy I wouldn't have a single pair of jeans to my name.

Jeans shopping is right next to swimsuit shopping in the annals of clothing frustration - good luck to you.
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Eh, dame, I guess it depends on the cut, but I am solidly (SOLIDLY) a 10, and I wear 30s in Lucky and Seven jeans.
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Old Navy (great before, during, and after pregnancy). They have non-stretch and stretch, but the stretch is just a tiny bit. I wore non-stretch pre-pregnancy; currently I favor the boot-cut in stretch with the "just below waist" fit. Works well with my (now wider) hips and butt.
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I think I am a bit curvy. My gap long and leans fit great when I first wash them but tend to stretch out over a few days and eventually require a belt.

Also Levi's 515's are good. Neither is too low. But honestly I am curious to hear more responses.
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I swear by Sonoma jeans...they're a Kohl's house brand. Very comfortable, not too low-rise and good for curves.

I am also liking Gloria Vanderbilt a lot of late. they do have a bit of stretch but just enough to be comfy.
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If you get weary of trying on ill-fitting jeans, try another path: customized jeans. I got a pair from the Lands' End web site. You enter your various measurements and fit preferences, and they make you a pair of jeans. You keep sending them back with comments until you get the fit you want. The price is about $55.

My jeans fit perfectly, and they haven't shrunk after many machine dryings.

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