Looking for a pediatrician in Western MA.
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Looking for a pediatrician in Western MA. Any recommendations?

Mr. Sonika and the lil' guy and I are moving to the Springfield, MA area next month and I need to find a pediatrician toute de suite so the man can get his 6 mo. vaccines on time. Does anyone here have any recommendations?

(We're ideally looking for someone fairly laid-back and mellow, though we're not any kind of ├╝ber hippies or anything.)
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If you are further north, I can only say wonderful things about Northampton Area Pediatrics. All the doctors are terrific, but our kids see Dr. Steele, who is truly a gem.
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Holyoke Pediatrics is an excellent practice and has at least a couple of locations (Holyoke and South Hadley, if I remember correctly). They are good people.
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Response by poster: Holyoke Pediatrics is less than a mile from where we'll be living - I'll try them first based on sheer convenience. Thanks, min!
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I can recommend Amherst Pediatrics, though it sounds like it will be a little out of your way. I live and work pretty close to where you'll be, however. Please don't hesitate to MeMail me if I can help with anything else.

We are seriously over due for a meetup around here.
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