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What's the best & most healthy food for when one has 'the munchies'?

Many MeFites occasionally partake of legal herbal products for relaxation and mind expansion. The experiences produced often provoke one to consumption of mass quantities. But, eating a whole bag of potato chips or box of cookies isn't healthy and adds inches to thighs, waists, and butts. So, what healthy but tasty alternatives do you recommend when you feel the need to feed?
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Nuts, fruits, vegetables.
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Whole wheat crackers with hummus!
Gotta go.
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A friend of mine swears by brussels sprouts, roasted in olive oil with salt and pepper. Prepared in advance, of course.
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I like cucumber and carrot sticks but they're not to everyone's tastes. If you don't like them plain, a little home-made salsa (store bought might have sugar added) has negligible calories.
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Ooooo!! I always make sure to keep yogurts and cheeses on hand. When we have the munchies, nothing can stand between me and pb&j!
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Kale chips would be awesome in such situations. Salty, umami, crunchy.
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Fresh fruit, preferably something that comes in individual bits (grapes, cherries, berries) or requires fiddling with for each bite (apple wedges with nut butter; a stick of celery that you dip in nut butter, poke into a dish of raisins, and munch).

Nuts that require opening individually (pistachios, unshelled peanuts — I don't much like unshelled sunflower seeds because they tend to be messy).

Trader Joe's Roasted Seaweed Crack Snack is tasty, comparably munchable to chips (but healthier due to no acrylamide), and 60 calories per package. (Don't buy it through Amazon; they charge about $2.60 a package compared to TJ's $0.99 a package.)

Hummus with carrots and celery.
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Blueberries. Carrot sticks. Sliced cucumber or zucchini. Soy nuts. Sliced peaches or frozen blueberries with a bit of yogurt instead of ice cream.
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air popped corn
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Frozen peas
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I love fuits/veggies.
I can devour hummus like its no ones business.
watermelon/honey dew is awesome.
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Someone who isn't me has been known to enjoy all types of foods in that state. I think it's just that Doritos are or seem easier than healthful/nutritious foods. So, easy snackables: veggies with peanut butter, hummus, and/or dip is pretty easy, especially if the veggies are already washed/sliced. Preparing in advance can also open up a whole world of other foods: fish, salad, a pasta dish with all kinds of good things in it.
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tortilla chips and salsa
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Rice cakes are pretty low cal.
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highly spiced (kimchi, hot chili, wasabi... preferably without MSG) nori/laver.
Also, pickles and pickle juice. I obviously have an affinity for strong flavors.
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Quick question - Do you want to minimize calories, or just want to make sure you don't snack on complete crap?

If calories, avoid nuts, cheeses, chips/crackers/cookies, even fruits and berries; and stick with things like celery or carrot sticks (WITHOUT peanut-butter or cream cheese or hummus). The exception here, if you know that a modest handful of nuts or a small piece of bittersweet chocolate or something like that will satisfy the craving, go for it.

If you just want to avoid eating garbage, pretty much anything that doesn't come in an airtight bag will do.

Personally, I usually go for the most protein-dense bar I can get. They have a reasonably low calorie count, satisfy most legitimate* cravings, and have pretty decent nutritional value.

* Note the word "legitimate". If you get cravings simply out of boredom, the right answer to your question doesn't involve a food at all, but a hobby or going for a walk or something like that. :)
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Frozen grapes.
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Beef jerky. It is filled to the brim with salt, so if that's a health concern for you, watch out - but otherwise it is pretty much entirely protein. The salty beefiness and the chewy texture should make it interesting for these sorts of munchies, too!
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edamame and seconding the brussel sprouts in olive oil. we like ours done on a cast iron skillet
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Nthing the fruit & veggies selections. :)

Unsweetened, whole grain cereal is a fave of mine. (Cheerios in particular.)
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Celery and carrot sticks dipped in ranch and wing sauce. It's like part of the hotwing-eating experience, but without the greasy meat part. (Okay I know ranch and wing sauce are not THAT healthy but still, cutting the fried chicken out of the equation is still a pretty good step in the right direction.) I also eat that mixture on tomatoes and sugar snap peas . . . and frozen pizza. In fact, a person (who is not me) would probably find that sauce mix delicious on practically anything in that state of mind.
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Fat-free cottage cheese with cut-up strawberries. Has carbs, a good amount of protein, and a sensible number of calories (it's also DELICIOUS). Can't really go wrong there, unless you eat like 3 bowls or something.
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Oh! Also awesome and easy: grab a spoonful of peanut butter and a banana. Peel the banana only down one side, use the peanut-buttery spoon to scoop out the banana one bite-sized piece at a time. Grab a bit of the peanut butter off the spoon with each bite of banana. Bonus: the only thing you have to clean up is a spoon!
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Trail mix.
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I enjoy making 4 pieces of toast but topping one with Peanut Butter, one with butter and jam, one with Pesto and one with butter garlic powder and redhot cayenne pepper sauce. Cut each one up into multiple bites and eat as desired. I figured that toast is as neutral of a vehicle as you can get and the complete melange of different flavors is really nice.
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Barbara's Shredded Oats.
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Dried fruits are good. I like dried (unsweetened) pineapple, cherries, mangoes. The mangoes have a good fruit-leathery texture.

Avocado with hotsauce, eaten with a spoon out of the skin?

Sigh. I definitely know it's important to keep these things on hand, to avoid the tempation of leaving the house. Especially late at night, you won't find anything unshitty.
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Those real fruit popsicles. Especially the mixed berry ones.
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The best choice is always vegetables: baby carrots, roasted (or raw) cauliflower, snow peas, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. Get a veggie tray from the supermarket if you're feeling lazy, or cut 'em up yourself. Add a handful of olives and/or pickles for variety. Be sure to throw away the ranch -- I like to accompany veggies with a healthy dipping sauce made of plain yogurt mixed with chopped garlic, curry powder, and/or cayenne. The spicier, the better: it'll help control your snacking and encourage you to get more fluids.

It helps to strategically prepare a big, healthy dinner right before you indulge, too. You can't go wrong with a massive salad, or a big pot of stew, or even a piece of meat or fish accompanied by piles of roasted veggies.
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If you are going to eat nuts, watch for the polyunsaturated fat omega-6 content. That stuff is no good.
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Almonds. Eat almonds. Pistachios are good, too.
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Perhaps something from The Vegan Stoner?
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Pickles and Peanuts are my favorite snacks. High on sodium though, so probably don't get the salted peanuts like I do.
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