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I've decided to make my own nougat. Please give me tips and recipes! I like the white kind.
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When you are mixing the honey, attach the blades from a hand mixer to a corded drill. You'll burn out the motor in your hand mixer -- or possibly your stand mixer -- otherwise.

Also, put in hazelnut. Yum.
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I have not made nougat exactly, but I have made divinity candy which has pretty similar ingredients and texture. I would recommend the book Who Wants Candy by Jane Sharrock and there are several recipes for divinity and one recipe for nougat with a couple variations in the book. The author does a really good job of explaining the techniques of candy making and my divinity turned out well on the first try by following her instructions.
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You can buy edible paper - a key ingredient - for cheap on eBay. Also, your kitchen will be a disaster. Just accept that. And only attempt it on a dry day.
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dario gave this very detailed and excellent and description of the nougat-making process in response to a question of mine. I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but he seems to know what he's talking about.
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It sounds like the nougat-making process has some things in common with the marshmallow-making process. In which case, be aware that this may be the stickiest thing you've ever dealt with. OMG was that sticky. Having a bowl of hot water with a sponge in it ready to hand, plus several dishtowels, was a very good thing.
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trouble shooting tips:
I really didn't trust this the first time I made nougat as it's always seemed that a hard caramel melts or weeps in the fridge BUT now that I've learnt my lesson I shall impart it to you!

-Give it a night in the fridge after making. That's what makes it brittle (in addition to getting the sugar/honey/glucose as high as your recipes tells you to). Still don't understand it but I submit to it and it works.
-And I second the stickyness, be warned.
-And, you'll beat it and wonder if you're ever going to stop beating it and then to your horror the whole mixture will suddenly drop in height and go flat and you'll think you've over-beaten it, but it's still warm? Carry on.

tbh just buy it, it's a nightmare
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