Help make my LA trip unforgettable
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LA-filter: Venice, Abbott Kinney. Places to stay, eat, drink in walking or biking distance? And: what or who replaced Stroh's?

I'll be staying in Los Angeles for about a week in the next month. I fondly remember Stroh's breakfast burrito from last time I was there, but it seems they closed up shop. I also remember the food at Urth's Café to be quite okay (this was, of course, before they were in every episode of Entourage).

So please supply me with places to taste quality local food, laid back places to drink for thirtysomethings: not touristy, no waiting lines or loud music, you know the place, just ice cold beers on a terrace (went to the Otheroom last time, was a tad 'busy' for me).

Thanks for making my stay unforgettable.
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Most of the bars in Venice tend to be "busy" like that, especially on Abbott Kinney and Main.

For burritos, I love Holy Guacamole on Main. Nothing fancy, just really good food.
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Hama sushi. Hama sushi. You MUST go to Hama Sushi! Totally laid back but oh my god so good.

There may be a line, but hopefully not, at least on a weekday. Or maybe you can book?

But yea, GO.
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Farmer's Market - Friday morning in the Venice Library parking lot.

It's packed. I still like Abbot's Habit as coffeehouses go. Extension next door sells good pizza.

For restaurants I still like Lily's

Both above are on Abbot Kinney
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"Lemonade" on the corner of AK and Venice Blvd is great, like a hipster cafeteria.

Great brunches at Rockenwagner/Three Square on AK.

Nothing has replaced Stroh's yet, I believe.

The cafeteria-style outdoor terrace of Rose Cafe is still nice. I prefer it to the more formal seating on the other side of the restaurant.

For a more laid-back bar than Otherroom, walk a handful of blocks to Main Street and go to Ray's. Library Ale house on Main is also nice, with good food.
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I had a great meal at Tlapazola recently.
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I like Venice Ale House, but it's quite small. It's organic bar flair food (the burgers are fantastic and grass fed beef I believe) and the beer and wine list is nice.
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Venice Ale House is great but be forewarned: I've never been there when there hasn't been a big line.
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Food trucks of all sorts have exploded in a big way in LA, in the past couple of years. You might try and hunt down some of them.
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Nothing replaced Stroh's in heart of mind. There has been two attempts, both lame.

Of course for the big splurge, Gjelina is one of the best restaurants in the city, and there pizzas are possibly number to to Mozza. If you go right when they open you can have a nice relaxed early dinner. They are 90% done with a pizza only place next door, but last time I drove by it was still not open. Gjelina alwasy has 2-3 great beers on tap and as I said if you go early it can be a great experience.

is now on Abbott Kinney. Again, it gets stupid crowded, but if you go at a real coffee time like 8am, it is great and the offerings are sublime.

Fiesta Brava
is a whole in the wall mexican and it is great. Kind of sad after the owner was killed in a car accident last year, but still a very good and very local joint. BYOB

Now, Rose has become the new Abbott Kinney, started by this wine bar Venice Beach Wine Bar. Hipper than thou, packed almost every night and I refused to go as I lived one block away and the annoying cigarette stained aftermath always bugged me, but a good freind who is called by some, the mayor of Venice, loves it. They have live music. A brand new place opened next door to it called Oscars that look interesting

For what it is worth, the Whole Foods at Lincoln and Rose is one of the largest in the country, is a total Venice pick up scene, they have a wine bar and I once walked in and a band was playing. Of course you can get a great sandwich and a smoothie if you need it.

Venice and the Westside have always been lacking in a good beer selection, but again, if you go early, Library Ale House on Main St is kind fun. This time of year the sun is pouring in the front window and they have 20 or so craft beers on tap.

It is not in Venice, but the best restaurant on the Westside is Rustic Canyon. You will not be disappointed. You can also go to there sister breakfast/lunch spot Huckeberry's, but it is pretty much a zoo all day. And if you want to try the best small batch ice cream in town, the third jewel Sweet Rose Cafe will never disappoint.

If you go to Abbott's Pizza, only get something that just came out of the oven.

Hama is tired
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Brunch or dinner, I second Gjelina. I also will back Joe's, a standby that still consistently puts out great food with fresh local ingredients.
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A 15-minute (kinda bumpy) bike ride will take you to the Mitsuwa Marketplace at Venice and Centinela, home of Santouka, where you can get the best salt ramen for miles around.
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I'm going to second the Intelligentsia recommendation. The espresso there is absolutely amazing. It has this very bright, fruity flavor that's acidic in a lemon-zesty way. The downside is that after you taste this, other coffee will taste like burnt garbage. Look, I have not posted anything here for two years, but here I am to tell you to go to this place. Seriously, it's that good.
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