Who might publish this?
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Where can I shove this? I've recently completed a humour piece. Who might publish it?

I just finished a humorous (in my opinion, obviously) 1000-word reflection on my father and, unlike previous pieces of writing I've done, I'm actually pretty pleased with the outcome (I was able to use the phrase "Pyrrhic victory" without making it seem forced).

I want to see if someone might be interested in publishing it. I've thought of obvious sources - Shouts and Murmurs and McSweeney's (don't throw things at me, Dave Eggers-haters) but I'm probably aiming a little high. So:

1. Are there any magazines you can think of that would be suitable for such a piece?
2. I also have a blog. Should I hold off putting this piece on it if I am going to send it out?

I'm Australian so Australian-centric magazine suggestions like Frankie are most welcome.
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What's the harm in aiming high? Go for it! (along with whatever other smart suggestions you get here).

And yeah, I think I'd hold off on putting it on your blog for now, especially since it's not time-sensitive.

(Oh, and congrats!)
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Definitely shoot for the moon. Worst they can do is reject it. Try McSweeney's, and even Cracked.com if it suits their sort of comedy.
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Seriously. Aim high to begin with--what have you got to lose? That's how I got into my 1st choice grad school!

...And will you please post a follow-up when you get it published?
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Yeah, aim high. I don't do humor, but I recently had a paper rejected by Nature (aiming very high) within 24 hours on the editorial level. My thought: Sweet! I've gotten far enough to have a paper rejected by Nature! It'll be published elsewhere soon (god willing), but it was totally worth the long shot.
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