Software development jobs in the Middle East
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Any tips for finding software development jobs in the Middle East? Specifically Jordan?

My wife and I would love to move to Amman, Jordan - a relatively safe, relatively stable, relatively American-friendly Arab city where our kids can learn fluent Arabic.

I'm an American .Net developer with years of experience and a decent resume - how can I find .Net jobs in Jordan? Is there an Arab Googling turns up but I have no idea if it's the best source. How do Arab companies and Western companies with Arab offices find staff?
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Have you considered finding an american company that you can telecommute with?
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Are you absolutely set on Jordan? If you are open to other possibilities, consider Qatar--rich, rapidly growing, big plans for its IT sector, safe, good schools, about as American-friendly as anywhere in the Middle East. Awful climate, but you can't have everything. There is indeed a Middle East or equivalent--a google search for "employment agencies qatar" throws up lots (although to be fair you probably need to screen the results rather carefully). Note also that in Qatar at least you need an exit permit to leave, and this is at your sponsor/employer's discretion. I don't know if this applies in Jordan as well, but it seems to be pretty common in the ME.

I am not your immigration adviser and this is not immigration advice!
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