Where should I swim / enjoy leisure?
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Swimming in Pittsburgh! I'm not interested in swimming in the rivers, but looking for great (not as in the Great Lake Erie) lake suggestions, ideally within an hour of Pittsburgh/Shadyside.

I used to live in Cincinnati, and I would go with friends to East Fork Lake. It was perfect - easy to get to, it has a beach and good, clean water.

So, PGH MeFites, what options exist or have you enjoyed near the Steel City?
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Best answer: Morraine State Park is about an hour north of the city, and has a pretty big lake with swimming and boating.
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Swimming at Morraine State Park.

If you're up for a bit of a drive (it's just barely over an hour from Shadyside), Ligonier Beach is right on Route 30 in Ligonier, PA. It is a 1.3 million gallon freshwater pool, with a bar, and occasionally live bands. It's definitely worth the trip.
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My family used to go to Keystone, which is just straight down the parkway and then on 22. There aren't lifeguards there anymore though.
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What's Keystone like? Big beach? Clean? Decent size?
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Raccoon Creek is about an hour west of town, a bit past the airport between 22 & 30. Another state park with a damned creek to create a lake, with sand beach & swimming. Predictably crowded on holidays, less so on generic weekends (though still popular, to be sure).
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