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FigFilter: I'm in NYC and have been aching, pining even, for some fresh (not dried) figs. In London, they were absolutely everywhere, even in the off-season. So why is it, in this town, I can't find a single fresh fig...

I've tried all the likely places: Manhattan Fruit Exchange, Fairway, Zabar's, Union Square Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Amish Market/Garden of Eden, and even the execrable Food Emporium. No luck. None at all. So help! Where in NYC can I go for fresh figs? I really want to hear about places where people are certain they have seen them, not places where they're likely to be, as I've done my due diligence, I think.
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Try Fairway. They have all sorts of fruit I've never seen in my life.
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I echo leapingsheep's recommendation. Fairway definitely has fresh figs, probably in some varieties that will be new to you.
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Uh, did you actually read my question?
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I tried poking around Google for a few minutes; the best I could come up with is this website:

Arthur Avenue does value patrons with familiar faces, though. When I bought figs one afternoon after picking up prosciutto at Mike's, the vendor recognized me with my notebook and insisted on assembling a fresh basket of figs with "good fruit all the way to the bottom." Even if I had taken a regular basket, I could afford to throw away part: the fruit was about half the price of what my very cheap market in Manhattan charges.

Their phone number is 718-295-5033. Try giving them a call.

(On preview: bingo / leapingsheep, read the post! He's been to Fairway already!)
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I have purchased fresh figs at both Dean & DeLuca in Soho and the Whole Foods at Columbus circle.

That doesn't mean they necessarily have them at all times, but you can always call.

In Brooklyn, there's a market whose name I forget on Atlantic Ave. next to Sahadi's which sometimes has fresh figs.
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I am now insanely nostalgic for the fresh figs that grew all over the place where I grew up. Damn.
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From a response to the same Q:

"Doesn't Kalustyan's have them? You should call and ask, 212-685-3451."
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I bought fresh figs at LifeThyme just last month. Yes, I actually bought them, and held them in my hands, and put them in my mouth. They were very good ;) They sell this crazy fruit called El Monstero there too - it looks like a huge green pinecone, and tastes like a combination of bananas and pineapples. Highly recommended. By me. LifeThyme's at 410 Sixth Ave at 9th Street. They have amazing raw lasagne.
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All last summer, I bought fresh figs almost every week (both the dark purple and buttery green) at the Garden of Eden.
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I have often bought fresh figs at the Whole Foods on 26th and Sixth. and at places like Dean and DeLuca and Jefferson Market. I have no idea why you've had a problem. Maybe you've just been unlucky at the times you've visited these places.
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I'm no New Yorker but when I'm there I like Three Guys in Brooklyn for fruit.
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Update here: LifeThyme has never had them when I've gone in-- 6 times in the past 2 weeks. Nothing.

Same thing with Whole Foods-- no fresh figs. Neither Columbus Circle nor Union Square.

Sad, really.
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