Looking for a traveling case for two small headphones and an iPod
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I'm looking to make or buy a traveling case for my iPod (classic v6) and two sets of headphones (image, including new headphone case). Thoughts inside.

I'd like to travel with iPod and my two headphones (the Koss for when I need to hear things around me, and the Shure for when I don't). The Shure came with a nice little zipper case, but it's too small for the iPod, let alone all three items together. And it's a soft case, which makes me less comfortable with the Koss, even if I could squeeze the two headphones in there together.

Required: firm or hard case, space for all these items
Bonus: a nice way to spool the cords (or store spooled cords) without crimping or twisting them
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RE: spooling cords...I just bought this little cord management thing from quirky (having seen this FPP). Maybe it could be part of a solution for you.
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Hollow out a hardcover book: you can crave out custom shapes for each item, and maybe even glue in posts around which to wrap the earphone cables.
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Best answer: I ended up buying a little padded camcorder case (specifically this one). It fits the iPod classic with space to spare, and then I can get the Koss in the main pouch, and the Shure in the outer zipper pocket. It's a bit of a squeeze, so I'd suggest to anyone looking to do something similar that you might want to walk around a luggage or camera department and try things out. The padding in this one is pretty thick, making it safer, but providing less space inside.
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