Somebody's got a case of the Mondays: Gyno Edition
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Ladyparts filter: great OB/GYN reco's for Columbus, Ohio needed

I desperately want to be able to leave my gynecologist appointments not feeling frustrated. I am seeking a doc who:

1. Will explain things in detail and allow me to take an active role in my healthcare.
I realize some women want to show up at their appointment, get the doc's opinion and follow it without worrying about it. I am not one of those people. I am the person who will go home and Google everything. I have a strong educational background in anatomy and physiology, and currently work in pharmaceutical industry. I don't want to seem like a pain in the ass but I like knowing what is going on and why. My current doc tries to dumb everything down for my convenience and scoot me out the door.

2. Can help me with my breakthrough bleeding.
I have been experiencing this for a couple years now and am so frustrated. I feel like my body is broken. My partner is supportive but upset about my situation, and my current doc has switched my pill several times and has basically given up on hormonal BC. Which is okay (I've looked into other methods myself, and am interested in going down a non-pill route) but I need more options than take a pill or don't and this guy isn't doing it.

3. Will take libido problems seriously.
My current doc just says that the pills are causing it and I need to deal. He mentioned that he could prescribe "a cream" but he doesn't recommend it. I should have pushed him about why that is last time but it got lost in the noise.

4. Has a calm, zen, intelligent vibe.
This is a lower priority but I am planning on children in ~5 years (I'm 25) and I need someone I click with to be there during such an important time. My current doc seems highly recommended in my area, but he has the personality of Brian the Chotchkie's waiter from Office Space. He has given me a high five on several occasions. I cannot abide this.

5. Maybe a lady?
This is lowest priority but after not really feeling the empathy from this guy, maybe its time for a switch?

Sorry this is so long but I am desperate for advice at this point. I realize some of this responsibility falls on me as a patient. I try to prepare by going into my appointments with printed information and a list of questions. My concerns are brushed off/glossed over and the next thing I know I am walking to my car, holding a new prescription and thinking, "wait, what just happened?" I know this can be better.
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You willing to drive to Worthington? If so, MeMail me.
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Kathleen Lutter. I had to switch away from her practice after switching insurance and was just bemoaning today that I wasn't able to go back to her. I had several really odd issues, and she was willing to listen to the research and such I brought in, and took my concerns seriously. Plus, she's funny and down to earth.

(I am so with you on the high fiving. I hate it generally, but would not tolerate it from my gynecologist!)
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Also to add, she usually met me sitting down at her desk in her office after each examination, which went a long way towards comfortable and non-rushed conversations.
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+1 to Dr. Lutter. She's my mother's gyno and I went to her once or twice when I was still in college. She was very matter-of-fact, very professional, and doesn't leave anything to chance (she removed and biopsied a strange mole she noticed from my side "just in case" and ordered tests on my mother when menopause was going a bit strangely that quickly revealed uterine cancer). Also, I am a nerdy type and like to know what's going on, and she was happy to have those conversations with me -- everything from actual ladyparts stuff to "what is that weird stuff you're using to chemically cauterize the area you just removed that mole from, and how does it work?"
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