I need some nerdy CS art!
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Computer science-related art I can print and frame in my office?

I bought a few black frames for my desk with no idea what to put in them. I'd love to find some nerdy / beautiful / computer science-related art. Images that are informative and also aesthetically amazing. Preferably free to download and print, as I'd like to rotate them often.

(Similar to this post but not biology-related.)

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The Mandelbrot Set is quite beautiful.
posted by segfault at 1:59 PM on July 5, 2011


Atari 2600 rom's visualized.
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Wave of the Future used to be quite popular back in the day.
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The Y-combinator. I think it looks best in untyped lambda calculus, something like this tattoo.
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I was thinking there'd be a lot of stuff on NIST, like this, where you can actually see how the meaning of the images - insights like "The refinement-tree based partitioning method implicitly generates a Sierpinski space filling curve through triangles refined by newest node bisection" are pretty awesome and make me feel like I have a lot to learn.

Information theoretical stuff like Gray codes lend themselves to pretty awesome diagrams as well.
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bootchart. Linux boot performance profiled and graphed.

sortvis, visualsorting (though, nothing really poster res...)
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I have this callmap of the Linux kernel on my wall. A print version is here. You can even generate your very own version using your kernel and fcgp, if you want to.
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Coolest wallart was an 8088 motherboard, next best was an early Mac main processor chip. That wave of the future is quite nice.
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There are some pretty nerdy yet cute and informative posters over at the xkcd store. I especially like the map of the Internet.
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Don't have anything specific, but maybe something linked to from infosthetics?
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Until you think of something, maybe consider a broken image?
posted by Riki tiki at 8:41 PM on July 6, 2011

Mashable recently posted: 20+ Great Geeky Posters For Your Office.
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