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We have a gallery that is next door to our home, and would like to add some sort of wireless motion detector/ alarm that lets us know when somebody enters, and is very easy to configure. It would also be a really nice bonus if that in addition to a silent ( to them) alarm, it would also have the option of ringing our cellphone in case we have gotten "too comfortable" in the recliner. Budget $150, what do I get ?
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Our sony baby monitor has a noise activation setting. Put a bell on your door and the transmitter will alert you.
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There are plenty of products like this aimed at the retail store market, like these. Wireless, silent, independent, connectable to an alarm system or camera, etc. The main keywords seem to be "visitor entry alert".
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Try the Doberman SE-0104 Infrared Home Defender.

They even make one for tents (!)
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