Where can I find a great one week intensive Spanish class in London or Spain?
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Where can I find a great one week intensive Spanish class in London or Spain?

I'm looking for a one week (7 days?) intensive Spanish class either at home in London or in Spain.

I will be traveling to Seville this September anyway and could stay on there or nearby for a week. I know already about the classes offered by Institute Cervantes in London, and that could be an option in September also.

My objectives are to spend a week getting the foundation down right before continuing on with classes in between my travels. I work on development projects throughout Central and South America. I would prefer to learn standard pronunciation if there is such a thing, so that I can be broadly understood. My objective is to be able to carry on conversations for work, email communication etc, rather than drafting whole proposals in Spanish etc.

I have some basic knowledge already (exposure through traveling and learning some basics, conversation with colleagues, and I used to speak Italian) but think it is probably best to start again properly, in an accelerated way.

Any suggestions for classes appreciated, at home or away!
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Be aware of the differences between Latin American and Castilian Spanish when you select a class, as noted here.
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