Best books and articles on the role of "information" and science in society?
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Best books and articles on the role of "information" and science in society?

For research purposes, I am putting together a reading list of the best books and articles on the role of information and science in society, such as Ted Porter's "Trust in Numbers". Examples of the sort of thing I am looking for are at and Any suggestions for other items to add to this (including other online reading lists) would be appreciated, thanks.
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I haven't read it (waiting for paperback), but I've heard a lot of good things about James Gleick's new book.
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Glut, by Alex Wright might be a good recent addition to the list as well.
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I've also heard good things about Gleick's book. (But I'm also waiting for paperback. I mean, it's not like it's going to go out of date.)
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Marshall McLuhan. He's having a bit of a renaissance these days. (Well, his work is - he's still dead.)
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Ecologies of Knowledge might be good for the "science" part of your question. It's a book of essays dealing how scientists "know stuff" and share their "known stuff."
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Daniel Headrick's When Information Came of Age is great if you want a historicized perspective on this.
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And, um, there's a paperback edition that doesn't cost more than a hundred dollars. I probably should have linked to that instead.
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Some of Sherry Turkle's books might be of interest.
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I enjoyed this one. Not being an expert I can't rank it but it was a fun read:
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Thanks for all the suggestions. "Ecologies of Knowledge" is exactly the sort of thing that I am looking for. I'll have to re-read McLuhan - it's been a long time...
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Does Clay Shirky count?
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