Headset for travel
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I'm looking for a USB headset for travel that isn't cheap and nasty.
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I use this one from Logitech as my everyday and travel headset. It folds to a nice carrying case and has good sound and microphone quality.
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Is USB essential?

1. Depending on your laptop, your phone's headset may work. I know I was pleasantly surprised when I plugged my iPhone headset into the headphones jack of my MacBook Pro, expecting to use it only for music, and it just worked as a microphone as well; or...

2. Bluetooth? There's a much wider assortment of compact and ruggedized Bluetooth headsets than USB ones, which seem better bets for trabel to me.
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I would very much NOT recommend the Plantronics .Audio 655USB. I had awful issues with it, with audio consistently dropping and going all crackly. It also wasn't very comfortable.
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