Therapist reccomendation in metro Chicago
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Can someone please suggest a cognitive behavioral therapist in Chicago that they have found to be helpful? I tried talk therapy once with a non CBT person and found it cliched and unhelpful, but I suspect I really should go seek assistance. I have the usual bento box of depression and anxiety, male 30s/40s. Unemployed (not the source of depression anxiety, but certainly not helping), so bonus for sliding scale. Bonus for Oak Park/River Forest/ Forest Park.
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You should contact Dr. Jim Dod. He works in Northbrook and specializes in CBT. He is amazing. He wasn't my therapist, but he was my teacher and I am very confident that he is an excellent practitioner. For more info, check out his website. He is all about empirically supported treatment, which means he'll never waste your time with non-directive talk therapy.

Even if he's not covered by your insurance/close enough to where you live, I'm sure he can recommend someone who is.

Seriously. Call him. Now.
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I used to see Dr. Steve Schlessinger in Oak Park...not sure if he does CBT, but he's very good and is in Oak Park on Lake Street.
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